Steelbridge Realty LLC Distressed Assets Division

Steelbridge Realty LLC Distressed Assets Division

For sellers of distressed (non-traditional real estate) we are offering the services of the Steelbridge Realty LLC Distressed Assets Division.

There are many reason to hire the Steelbridge Realty LLC Distressed Assets Division

steelbridge realty llc distressed asset division




The Steelbridge Realty LLC Distressed Assets Division is uniquely qualified due to our experience and our network.

We help owners in situations below to maximize the selling price of the asset.

  • Government Code violations or liens.
  • Storm damaged properties.
  • Moving or can’t afford mortgage payments.
  • Divorce or Bankruptcy.
  • Foreclosure.
  • Landlord problems – evictions with tenants okay.
  • Inherited property in probate.
  • Termites, mold, flood or fire damage, leaky roof.

The Steelbridge Realty LLC Distressed Assets Division are recognized experts at distressed real estate:

In 2003, myself (Jeff Tumbarello, Broker, Steelbridge Realty LLC) and 3 other SWFL RE Investors Founded the South West Florida Real Estate Investment Assoc. This gives us insight and access to a the local investing community.

Jeff & Cristina Tumbarello have invested in Real Estate since 1997. We have materially participated in almost every type of Real Estate Investment Transaction a person can.

We have worked with the following media outlets as a subject matter expert. (General Real Estate, Real Estate Statistics, Real Estate Investing & Foreclosures): NPR, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC, Wink, Fox, Fort Myers News Press, Naples Daily News, Fort Myers Weekly, and Gulf Coast Business Journal. We are considered local experts and a source of data for the current trends in foreclosures. We also have performed market metrics and product modeling for the capital markets and several private equity firms. Jeff Tumbarello also was a Trainer/Speaker for the Florida Housing Coalition.

If we can be of any assistance to you please fill out the form below or call 239 694 3300 X102

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