Code Violations ~ A free guide!

code violations

Getting a letter for Code Violations can be scary!

Code Violations






The first thing to remember is: Do not panic!

The largest percentage of Code Violations are for simple things. High grass and nuisance accumulations are the two biggest violations.

A few more things:

  • Code Violations can span a very wide swath, from breaching minimum construction standards to high grass.
  • Once you purchase a home, you inherit the violations along with it. If you own the property, you own the current and previous violations.

Here is a few tips, from our experience, on how to handle Code Violations:

  • Do not ignore the problem. This is the most important thing to do! Make an action plan!
    • Call The Code Officer (most of the time their number is on the letter). You will be surprised at how helpful some are! Ignoring them means huge fines, outrageous daily interest rates and potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars due.
      • For Unincorporated Lee County call 239-533-8895.
      • City of Cape Corals Phone Number is: 239 574-0613.
      • City of Bonita Springs Phone number: is 239-949-6257.
      • City of Fort Myers Beach:  email to
      • City of Fort Myers phone number is: 239-321-7940
    • I have had meetings at the property with the code officer. This ensures that you understand what is involved.
    • Go to and audit your property to see if anything is not permitted. Sometimes a little issue opens a can of worms.
    • Get a Licensed and insured contractor (if that is needed).
    • In the case of nuisance violations and/or high grass and if the property is rented, we also formally notice the tenant (sharing our experiences here). Make sure you retain this documentation.

You can also sell a property with Code Violations. Most of the time, an investor will still buy this asset. Keep in mind that when investors buy these properties, they expect a discount on the purchase price so they have room to fix the violation and pay off the penalty. Sometimes, due to distance and or other life complications, this can make the most sense.

A few options to maximize the selling price of distressed assets like these:

  • If you are going to sell, sell before the property goes to a hearing and gets liens against it. Also, make sure you disclose the current issues. On another note, I always call/search the appropriate code violation agency before I close.
  • Price the asset within the appropriate market. Competition tends to help the seller. Over pricing reduces competition.
  • Simple things to help the curb appeal pay large dividends.
  • Trash out the house if at all possible. Broom clean homes get a higher price than one that is “trashed”.

We are uniquely qualified to help you sell these assets. Below are a few examples of distressed assets that we have helped the owners obtain maximum market price.


1418 NE PINE ISLAND LN CAPE CORAL, FL 33909 was a cash sale and closed on 12/9/2016.

This home needed some TLC and was located in the heart of Cape Coral.  The property was in an estate and was considered a “distressed asset”.


1415 DIEGO ST FORT MYERS, FL 33916 was a cash sale and closed on 11/4/2016.

This home needed some TLC and was sold “As Is”. This was an Estate Sale.


1287 WENDELL AVE NORTH FORT MYERS, FL 33903 was a cash sale.

This North Fort Myers Belle Aire Lagoon home for sale was damaged in a fire.


Those are just a few examples. If you have a property with Code Violations that you would like to explore selling, call 239 694 3300 x 102 or use the form below.

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