Shay Shmuel Druckmann Realtor – Attorney at Law

Since 2008 I am a private investor and represent investors worldwide, so I become an expert in Investment properties around SW Florida.
I am an attorney at law (ISR) and hold MBA degree.

In the last 10 years, I became professional and very experienced in the whole process of investments in the real estate world, including the whole stages of foreclosure properties – from the stage of finding the right property, through the title process, the renovation and remodeling of the property and at last the sale/rent of it.

I have a large database of investors and buyers worldwide, so, if you’re considering to sell your home at a fair price, I probably will have a cash offer buyer for you, and If you are looking to buy a good deal home for investment or living, I probably have something suitable for you.


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  • Office : (239) 694-3300
  • Mobile : (239) 243-0529

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