Noah Otalvaro PA

I specialize in the acquisition and disposition of multifamily properties. Our clients include domestic and foreign investors, owners, and operators of all types seeking cash flow, appreciation, and distressed opportunities.  Broker Associate at Steelbridge Realty.

Looking to pick up some more properties for your investment portfolio? Or, are you looking for a great deal on a cheap house to live in?

We are full-time property investors in South West Florida and specialize in finding those hidden DUPLEX & MULTIFAMILY deals.

With our proprietary marketing systems, we find the best DUPLEXES AND MULTIFAMILY PROPERTIES and buy them at great win-win prices for both us and the seller. We then pass these deals along to our preferred buyers who are looking for great investment properties or for just a great house to live in.

Once we secure a new property that fits our criteria, we immediately notify our Preferred Buyers of the deal. First, we notify those who have provided us with specific information on the types of properties they’re looking for (tell what you’re looking for here →) then we notify those buyers on the Preferred Buyers email list.

Noah Otalvaro
Developer / Broker Associate
Steelbridge Realty



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