What to Stock Up on in Case of a Storm

What to Stock Up on in Case of a Storm

Storms can hit when you least expect them, causing disruptions in your daily life and even leading to dangerous situations. Being prepared with essential supplies can make all the difference in weathering the storm safely, especially for those in areas with a higher propensity for severe weather events. With that in mind, here are key items to stock up on.

What to Stock Up on in Case of a Storm: Food and Water

When a storm hits, the last thing you want to worry about is running out of food and water. Having enough sustenance for at least three days is crucial. Canned goods, including soups, fruits, and vegetables, are excellent options as they have a long shelf life and require minimal preparation. Opt for foods that are high in protein and nutrients to sustain you through the period of uncertainty. Don’t forget a manual can opener to go with those canned goods.

Water is equally important. A general guideline is to store at least one gallon of water per person per day, again, for at least three days. Water purification tablets or filters can also be beneficial if you have a water source nearby but are unsure of its purity.

Extra Fuel

One of the most overlooked aspects of storm preparation is having extra fuel on hand. Generators are excellent for keeping essential appliances running, but they’re useless without fuel. Propane is a flammable substance included on the NFPA diamond and is commonly used for generators. Ensure you have enough propane or gasoline stored safely in approved containers. When storing fuel, remember to abide by safety guidelines to prevent accidental fires or explosions. Also consider alternative fuel sources like solar-powered chargers for mobile devices. Battery-powered lamps and flashlights are also essential, so stock up on extra batteries.

What to Stock Up on in Case of a Storm: First Aid Supplies

During a storm, medical facilities might be difficult to access. A well-stocked first aid kit is therefore indispensable. Include bandages, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, scissors, pain relievers, and any prescription medications you or your family members might need. It’s also wise to add some basic over-the-counter medicines for common issues like fever, upset stomach, or allergies. Being knowledgeable about first aid procedures can be just as important as having the supplies. It’s a good idea to keep a first aid manual in your kit and consider taking a basic first aid course if you haven’t already. In the digital age, there are even first aid apps available for your phone that can guide you through various medical scenarios.

By preparing in advance, you’re not just ensuring your personal safety but also contributing to the well-being of your community. Stocking up on essentials like food, water, extra fuel, and first aid supplies can make you more self-sufficient, reducing the strain on public resources in the wake of a storm. Planning now can give you peace of mind later, allowing you to focus on more immediate concerns if a storm does occur. Make sure you have what you need to be as secure as possible when the skies darken and the winds pick up.

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