Common Buyer Demands During the Closing Process

Common Buyer Demands During the Closing Process

Navigating the real estate market can be complex, with the closing process often bringing its own unique set of demands. To successfully reach the end of a property sale, understanding what potential buyers might request during this critical phase is essential.

Common Buyer Demands During the Closing Process: Contingencies

Contingencies are conditions that buyers often incorporate into their purchase agreement, allowing them an exit strategy if certain requirements aren’t met. They protect buyers from unforeseen issues that could arise during the closing process.

A home inspection contingency is common. Here, a buyer has the right to conduct a professional home inspection and can back out of the agreement or negotiate repairs if significant issues are uncovered. A financing contingency gives the buyer time to secure a mortgage loan for the property. If they fail to get the loan, they can cancel the contract without penalty. Similarly, an appraisal contingency allows the buyer to withdraw if the home appraisal value comes in lower than the selling price.


It’s not unusual for buyers to demand repairs before closing the deal. During the home inspection process, if problems are identified, a buyer might request these to be addressed as a condition of the sale. Buyers can request anything from minor fixes like leaking faucets to significant issues like a compromised foundation or faulty electrical wiring. In some cases, you might find a way to compromise on a major repair. For instance, the seller might agree to cover part of the repair cost or reduce the sale price instead of making the repair themselves.

Common Buyer Demands During the Closing Process: Personal Property Inclusions

Some buyers may request the inclusion of personal property in the home sale. It’s not uncommon for buyers to ask for appliances, furniture, or even outdoor equipment to be part of the package.

These requests typically emerge from the buyer’s desire to maintain the existing aesthetic of the home or to reduce costs associated with moving or purchasing new items. While these requests can be negotiated during the closing process, it’s crucial for both parties to agree on what stays and goes to avoid misunderstandings or disputes later.

Navigating the closing process requires understanding and negotiating the demands that might arise. Whether it’s managing contingencies, negotiating repairs, or agreeing to personal property inclusions, each request needs to be considered carefully and handled strategically. With clear communication, flexibility, and a keen understanding of the process, sellers can meet these demands, ensuring a smooth transition to the final sale. The real estate journey doesn’t end when an offer is accepted; it’s only the beginning of a final phase that requires as much attention and care as the initial stages of buying or selling a home.

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