Cleaning Tasks You Might Be Overlooking

Cleaning Tasks You Might Be Overlooking

Even with our best cleaning efforts, it’s easy to leave aspects of your home uncleaned or neglected. This is why dirt and grime can build up over time without us even realizing it! To help you keep a spotless home, we’ve identified three areas that often go overlooked during cleaning sessions: furniture bottoms, blinds, and baseboards. Read on for more information on how to make sure these spots are sparkling clean too!

Cleaning Tasks You Might Be Overlooking: Underneath Furniture

Cleaning underneath furniture is essential for a healthy, presentable home. Dust and pet hair can easily accumulate under furniture, creating an undesirable mess if not tended to periodically. To tidy up the area , move your item of furniture out of the way and vacuum or sweep it clean with a crevice tool – don’t forget cleaning the legs as well! You may be surprised at how much dirt has collected there over time but regular thorough cleans will keep your house looking immaculate.


Another job that is too regularly neglected is cleaning the blinds. Blinds are usually difficult to clean, so many just ignore them; however, it is essential for maintaining a spotless home and preventing allergens from accumulating. To wipe off dirt and dust, use either a microfiber cloth or duster. Take caution if you have wooden blinds! Using water to clean wood blinds can cause warping or discoloration, so it’s best to use a dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust.

Cleaning Tasks You Might Be Overlooking: Baseboards

Cleaning baseboards can easily be overlooked, yet it’s an essential piece of the puzzle in keeping your home spotless and germ-free. Because they are low to the ground, they tend to go unnoticed—but dust and dirt accumulate over time on these surfaces if not routinely cared for. To clean them off properly, use a damp cloth or magic eraser. Don’t forget to get both sides of each baseboard as well as behind any furniture pieces!

Oftentimes, cleaning under furniture, window blinds and baseboards can be easily forgotten. However, they are essential parts of keeping your home clean and hygienic. Take the time to make sure these areas are spick-and-span as well – eliminating dirt and grime will create a more comfortable living atmosphere for you!  A little bit of extra effort on all these areas can help you keep your home looking fresh and feeling clean for all who enter!

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