Why Home Buyers Might Get Turned Off by Your Home

Why Home Buyers Might Get Turned Off by Your Home

When you are selling your home, you will probably show it to many different types of people through an open house. Each buyer will have different preferences, so it is impossible to cater to each buyer’s desires. However, it is important to know what most buyers don’t like so you can avoid those things and attract more interested buyers to make an offer on your property.

Why Home Buyers Might Get Turned Off by Your Home: Ugly Colors

One thing that many people tend to have strong opinions about or reactions to is the color of a home. Some of these opinions or reactions are preferential, but some of them are actually instinctual or influenced by society. For example, red is a very striking color that is often associated with danger

Because of this, bright red may not be the most inviting color to paint your home or the walls inside since it might make potential buyers feel very uncomfortable or stressed. When in doubt, stick with neutral colors for your home. While neutrals might not be your first choice, they are not very offensive to and don’t cause strong reactions in potential buyers.

Bad Smells

Buyers typically want to buy a home that feels clean and move-in ready. A big contributor to the perceived cleanliness and livability of a home is its smell. 

Bad smells make lasting negative impressions on potential buyers and can even give them painful headaches. Make sure to clean out any old perishables, deep-clean carpet, and clear out mold. Mold often leaves a musty smell in your home.

Why Home Buyers Might Get Turned Off by Your Home: Poor Lighting

Lighting is not only helpful for showing potential buyers what your home looks like but also for affecting their mood. Intense lighting—while great for illuminating details—can seem too harsh and make your property not feel homey enough. Dim lighting can make people feel uncomfortable, wary, and sad in your home. Natural light, however, increases happiness. Try to let in as much natural light as possible and clean your windows well to improve people’s moods when they tour your home.

A person gets a first impression of a home typically within the first few seconds or minutes of being inside it. If there are immediate things that grate on a potential buyer’s senses when they first walk through your door, it will be difficult to convince them of the true value of your home. Making slight changes to make your home more palatable and appealing can greatly increase the number of interested buyers you have. 

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