How to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable for Sleeping

How to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable for Sleeping

Getting good sleep is one of the best ways to maintain good health and productivity. However, even though sleep is so important, approximately one-third of American adults don’t get enough sleep at night. Having a good night’s sleep is largely dependent on making your bedroom more comfortable for sleeping. 

How to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable for Sleeping: Control the Temperature

Temperature greatly affects how comfortable you are in a room. Many people are comfortable in only a small range of temperatures, and this range may be even smaller for comfortable sleeping temperatures. 

To control the temperature in your bedroom better, you can install a programmable thermostat. With a device like this, you can input the exact range or temperature you want your room to stay at and will never have to get up to adjust it. This will allow you to have longer uninterrupted sleep.

Block Out the Sun

Even if you don’t have a problem going to sleep at night, you might struggle with staying asleep once the sun rises. In the morning, your body is often less tired since you’ve been asleep, so light can make you more restless. You should find ways to block out the sun and maximize your early-morning sleeping hours. 

Light-blocking shades can do a much better job than fabric curtains. Even if you don’t have any east-facing windows, you should still consider light-blocking shades since sunlight can still permeate your room from other directions as it rises. Another benefit of blocking out the sun is that your room will probably stay slightly cooler. 

How to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable for Sleeping: Block Out Noise

Noise can be very distracting and irritating when you are trying to get a good night’s sleep. Excessive noise makes it difficult to fall asleep quickly. Additionally, loud noises in the middle of the night can startle you awake and disrupt your deep sleep. If possible, close any windows that allow in street noise. You can also block out noise by wearing noise-canceling headphones or earplugs. 

Even though you might feel like you can function well off of little sleep, this is not a good habit to get yourself into. Sleep allows your body and mind to rejuvenate and be adequately prepared for the next day. Your bedroom should be a comfortable oasis for good sleep. As much as possible, avoid doing other things in your room that can distract your mind from sleep. Instead, focus on making your bedroom extremely comfortable and great for sleeping in. 

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