Types of Home Remodels You Should Think of Completing

Types of Home Remodels You Should Think of Completing

Remodeling your home is a serious investment in both time and money. With that in mind, it can be even trickier to know just where to start. You want to complete the remodels that will have the most impact on your home’s aesthetic and give you the most bang for your buck. Fortunately, there are meaningful remodels you can complete all across the price spectrum. Here are a few types of home remodels you should think of completing.

Types of Home Remodels You Should Think of Completing: Basic Cosmetic Changes

For starters, you can give your home a major facelift with just a few basic cosmetic changes. For example, you can affordably freshen up your home with a new coat of paint in just a few days. 

For a trendy look that will brighten up your home, go for warm shades of white, greige, and other gentle, soothing hues. Other easy and inexpensive cosmetic fixes include new hardware for your cabinets, trendy fixtures for your sinks, modern lighting replacements, and even updated decor.

Home Additions

If basic cosmetic changes are on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to cost and difficulty, home additions are on the opposite end of that spectrum. However, home additions can be well worth the time and effort they take to complete. Home additions give you extra space for guests and increase your home value. 

In fact, home additions are the one sure way to add value to your home, simply because you are actually increasing your home’s square footage. A home addition could mean finishing a basement, converting a garage, or literally extending the footprint of your home. 

Types of Home Remodels You Should Think of Completing: Kitchen or Bathroom

When it comes to resale value, remodeling your kitchen or bathroom can go a long way. These are updates that you are sure to enjoy, as well. Whatever room you decide to remodel, you can take one of two approaches. Either attack one thing at a time over an extended period or knock it all out and start from scratch. Either way, pay close attention to details such as the flooring, the cabinetry, the sinks and fixtures, the appliances, the backsplash, and the lighting. 

As durable as your home is, nothing lasts forever. Remodels are generally needed every decade or so to keep your home in good repair and looking great. Choosing what to remodel can feel a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Start with the areas in most need of repair or simply change up the spots that have been dragging you down. 

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