Where You Should Spend Most of Your Remodeling Budget

Where You Should Spend Most of Your Remodeling Budget

Deciding where to spend your remodeling budget is a common dilemma. You have some money set aside to make some home improvements but aren’t sure how to use it. You want to do two things with your money: love your home more and increase its value. So which remodeling projects will do both of these the best? Here are three excellent options to consider.

Where You Should Spend Most of Your Remodeling Budget: On Bathrooms

More than any other room in your house, your bathrooms take a beating! They are used many times a day, with steaming showers peeling away at your wallpaper and constant water flow deteriorating your pipes and fixtures. Furthermore, trends in bathroom colors, fixtures, flooring, and vanities are constantly changing. Chances are that you will feel pretty blah in your bathroom after about 7 to 10 years. And chances are also high that your fixtures will need to be replaced within that same period. So take the plunge! Remodeling your bathroom will boost your mood and increase your home’s value.

On the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where meals are prepared and shared and the best conversations happen! It is also highly utilitarian. Kitchens are used to cook food, bake treats, wash dishes, clean just about everything else, do homework, play games, create art projects, and so much more. Because you spend so much of your time in your kitchen it should be both a practical and happy space! Within the kitchen, your money will go furthest by investing in new smart appliances, cupboards, flooring, and/or countertops. High-quality materials for your countertops can increase the value of your kitchen

Where You Should Spend Most of Your Remodeling Budget: On the Backyard

Your backyard should be your personal oasis. It should be a place for friends and family to gather and escape the stresses of everyday life for a little while. Building a patio will allow you to do just that. Whether you decide on a basic concrete or wood patio with simple umbrellas for shade or go big with a full-on covered outdoor kitchen, you should definitely include comfortable outdoor furniture, beautiful plants, and fun accent lighting. Water features and fire pits are also popular. The bonus of remodeling your backyard is that the return on your investment is substantial relative to other projects. 

When it is time to do a bit of remodeling, be sure to choose your projects wisely. You want to enjoy the fruits of your labor and put value into your home at the same time. There are several options that will accomplish this, including remodeling your bathrooms, kitchen, and backyard. Whatever you decide, you should have a ton of fun with this exciting endeavor! 

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