How to Make Your Walls More Appealing

How to Make Your Walls More Appealing

Are you tired of having bland, boring walls that make your home feel out of style? Luckily, there are many ways to revamp your interior design look by upgrading your wall design. Here are a few tips that will help you to make your walls more appealing through DIY projects and renovations. 

How to Make Your Walls More Appealing: Paint an Accent Wall

First, you can paint an accent wall to add a fun and unique pop to a particular room. An accent wall is usually painted in a different color or design than the rest of the walls in a room. For example, if you’re painting an accent wall in a living room, you might want to choose a color that would be warm and inviting and work throughout different seasons. In a bedroom, such as a child’s bedroom, you can choose a more personalized accent wall. For example, you could paint an earthy mountain mural wall in a boy’s room or a bright pink accent wall in a girl’s room. This can help to make your house feel unique and homey. 

Hang Wallpaper

Another way to update your walls is to hang wallpaper. You might think that wallpaper is pretty out-of-style, and if you’re thinking of your grandma’s vintage floral wallpaper, then yes, it is. But there are many wallpaper companies currently making stylish, modern prints that will bring your home decor to the next level. Installing wallpaper requires careful measurements to ensure it fits. However, the process can be pretty simple after you’ve worked out your measurements since most modern wallpapers are pretty easy to peel off and on during installations.

How to Make Your Walls More Appealing: Add Dimension to Your Wall

You can also bring boring walls to life by adding dimension and shape to your walls. Some homeowners with a rustic farmhouse decor style love to add shiplap to their walls. Other homeowners with a more modern style like to add a fluffy, painted brick layer. Furthermore, an elevated style that has been quite popular in 2022 is the framed paneled look. Wall paneling can be thick and dramatic or dainty and romantic. A panel installation is pretty simple but it can truly bring your room to a new level of style and sophistication. 

So, don’t put up with boring walls that bring down your interior design style. Instead, apply these tips and paint an accent wall, hang wallpaper, or add dimension to your walls. This will help you to end up with an interior design look that is totally unique and personalized while still being on-trend and stylish.

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