The Most Important Steps in the Selling Process

The Most Important Steps in the Selling Process

Selling your home can be a bumpy ordeal. If you don’t know what to expect, it can be especially rough. Make sure that you keep an eye out for the key steps in the selling process. If you don’t, you might make a costly mistake.

The Most Important Steps in the Selling Process: The First Offer

In many ways, the first offer is a good omen. Your house does have value and is wanted. What you need to decide is how likely it is that another offer is going to come along in a timely manner if you reject this one. You should consider more than simply the money being offered. 

Think about the flexibility and the timeline of the party who is making the offer. Other factors should affect the decision as well – a cash offer will speed up the process quite a bit. Talk to your agent about the viability of your first offer.

The Closing Date

The closing date is the day you and the buyer decide together to officially transfer ownership of the house. Usually, it takes place sometime after the payment has been made. It’s important to plan around both of your schedules. Be as flexible as possible but be careful not to mistakenly transfer the ownership of the home at a time when it could seriously inconvenience your family. 

Cash buyers usually offer you a flexible closing date. The flexibility of the timeline of the buyer can also be a factor when deciding which offer you want to go with. Make sure you provide plenty of time on the day of to complete all of the proper paperwork.

The Most Important Steps in the Selling Process:The Beginning

That’s right – before any offers, and before any other decision is made, you should decide how you want to pursue the sale of your property. Do you want to hire a real estate agent, or do you want to sell the home yourself? This is probably the most important initial question that you should be thinking about. You can save money on commission without an agent, but you also lose all of their expertise and knowledge of the local market. Budget and plan your repairs, renovations, and deep cleaning.

Research is going to make all of the difference. If you know beforehand that your home would be very difficult and expensive to clean, and you know that there are investors interested in your city, you can look for a cash buyer. If you know the steps of a sale before it happens, you will be prepared to make sure that it all goes smoothly.

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