Critical Steps at the End of Your Exterior Remodel

Critical Steps at the End of Your Exterior Remodel

Remodeling can be a fantastic project. It may take a whole lot of trial and error if you’ve never done it before (not to mention money), but your first major renovations can finally help your home feel like it belongs to you. Make sure not to miss some of the final, critical steps that can be easy to overlook at the end of your exterior remodel.

Critical Steps at the End of Your Exterior Remodel: Painting

The color of your home is essential and should not be treated as a simple aesthetic choice alone. Your exterior color will help determine how you are seen by others in the neighborhood. It will determine how you feel upon seeing your house. It can even be a factor in your home’s regulation of temperature. 

Make sure that in the post-renovation stage, you ensure that every part of the home is a matching or corresponding color. Go through the correct cleaning process so that you avoid dirt, dust, and debris becoming trapped underneath the outer layer.


You need to make sure that whatever renovations you do are up to standard. This is especially important for whatever parts are in contact with the outside. Proper roofing and insulation can go a long way. You need to make sure that it keeps water out completely. Leaks can be extremely damaging. 

No matter where you live, rain is always at least a possibility… not to mention floods, hurricanes, and high humidity. Failing to waterproof your deck, for example, can cause the wood to rot and mold. Thus, make sure that you consider every aspect of your renovation – not only the parts that are part of the home itself.

Critical Steps at the End of Your Exterior Remodel: Double-Checking Building Code

Major renovations mean that you’re going to need to be familiar with construction codes in your state and county for homes. Otherwise – you might accidentally create legal violations that could endanger you physically or financially. Presumably, you’ve already planned ahead and looked at all of this long before you started building. Now that you’re done, it’s time to check one last time. If there are problems, it is always best to catch them as early as possible. Intentionally violations slide, while it is easier in the short term, will almost definitely result in bigger problems later on.

As you finish up your remodel, remember that you are in the home stretch! As much as you might want it to be over, everything that can go wrong often will go wrong if you’re not prepared. Make sure that these final steps are clean and thorough – and you’ll be happy you did.

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