Why You Should Move During an Off-Season

Why You Should Move During an Off-Season

Moving is already enough of an ordeal without having to do it in a way that’s rushed and stressful. If it’s the time of year when everyone decides to buy houses and move, you might be in just that kind of situation! Here are a few reasons that the off-season is better.

Why You Should Move During an Off-Season: Less Competition in the Housing Market

Buying a home is difficult for many reasons. You want it to be in the ideal location. You want it to be the ideal price. And you also want the house itself to be in good shape, with all of the ideal specifications. Frankly, that’s extremely difficult to find! If you’re trying to buy a house at the same time as everyone else is, the rare opportunities to snatch up the best deals on the best homes will be even harder to find. Your chances are immediately better if you look to buy a house in the off-season. While it’s not a guarantee that you’ll find a dream home, it makes even the most difficult find just that much more possible.

Fewer Moving Costs

That’s right – the cost of moving can actually be cheaper in the off-season. Of course, this depends on your method of travel. For example, taking a flight in the winter may be more expensive because everyone is traveling for the holidays. On the other hand, many moving companies and moving crews for hire have lower prices, rates, or fees for the wintertime. They can charge a premium in the summertime when their services are in high demand. There are other ways to save some cash, too – moving things yourself can also help you cut costs.

Why You Should Move During an Off-Season: Less Stress

You’re already trying to carry out one of the more stressful transitions in life, so why add to that? Moving is anxiety-inducing for a whole lot of reasons. It can be financially shaky and socially difficult. Even more so for a family rather than an individual. Moving in the off-season means having the resources to move at your own pace – no more frantically trying to close a deal on a house before somebody else snatches it up.


The off-season may be inconvenient in some small ways, but the financial and logistical benefits are clear. You will have less competition, lower costs, and lower stress. You’ll be able to bring yourself and your family from one stage of life into the next one without unnecessary anxiety.


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