What You Can Do to Update a Guest Bathroom

What You Can Do to Update a Guest Bathroom

As somebody goes about remodeling their house throughout their life, it can be easy to let some of the rooms on the periphery fall to the wayside. Don’t forget about the guest room and guest bathroom! If you’re finally getting around to it, here are some renovations that are key for such a project.

What You Can Do to Update a Guest Bathroom: Replace the Hardware

Oftentimes, the necessities are what need to be replaced the most – because of inevitable wear and tear that comes over the years. A bathroom is inextricably connected with your home’s plumbing system, so the most important hardware to be aware of will be that which corrodes and molds. Check the sink, faucet, showerhead, drain, and toilet for replacements. Even if they look okay, you might want to consider replacing them anyway if you’ve had that setup for several years. Modern, updated hardware tends to work better and be more energy- and water-efficient. Ultimately, no matter what the bathroom looks like, the most important question is whether or not it works well.

Paint It

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room. It can transform the space and make it fresh. It can create an entirely new aesthetic. Or, even if just repainted with the same color, it can revitalize and reenergize the bathroom into what it was already supposed to be. Pay careful attention when picking a color, since that will greatly affect how you perceive the space in question. Using light colors can make a tiny bathroom look bigger than it is. Dark ones, on the other hand, can be a good aesthetic choice but can make a bathroom feel a bit more like a dungeon. Generally, you want to stay away from really dark colors in the bathroom unless it’s a luxurious walk-in with plenty of space.

What You Can Do to Update a Guest Bathroom: Improve Lighting

Lighting goes right along with color, working to transform a room into something new. Natural lighting can be especially valuable in a bathroom – it helps people feel safe, comfortable, and at home. See if you can install a window if you don’t already have one. If you do, make sure that the glass is obscured, or that you have some other measure of privacy. Even just modernized and updated light bulbs can save energy and provide better light.


When you remodel a guest bathroom, what you are really doing is ensuring that guests feel welcome. It’s the ultimate act of courtesy. And if you make sure your bathroom is bright, clean, safe, comfortable, and easy to use, it’s sure to be noticed by those who care.


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