Major Items That Need to Be Cleaned When Tenants Move Out

Major Items That Need to Be Cleaned When Tenants Move Out

When you own an investment property, then you know that there is a whole whirlwind of tasks that you need to complete when a tenant moves out. You need to get new tenants, schedule tours, deal with applications, etc. But one task that takes perhaps the most time and care is cleaning. You must deep clean your units between tenants to provide each tenant with a clean and usable space when they move in. IN order to clean most effectively you must hit the major items. Here are three major items that need to be cleaned out when tenants moves out of your property.

Major Items That Need to Be Cleaned When Tenants Move Out:
The Bathrooms

The first major item that needs to be cleaned when tenants move out are the bathrooms. The bathrooms are one of the most trafficked and smallest spaces in any home or apartment. They are also the room most likely to develop bacteria and other cleanliness issues, due to the water and temperature that often accompanies bathroom usage like showering. You need to make sure that you are cleaning every single part of the bathroom between tenants, ensuring that the toilets, shower, sink, and cabinets are clean and clear of debris and bacteria.

The Floors

The next major item that you need to clean when tenants move out of your property are the floors. The floors are the most used and most obvious item in the apartment unit to leave dirty. If the floors are dirty when you move in, any tenant will notice, and you will be held responsible. Make sure that you are vacuuming and sweeping the floors and getting them perfectly clean in between tenants. If you have carpeting, then your cleaning job just got harder. Hot water extraction is necessary for removing dirt from your carpet.

Major Items That Need to Be Cleaned When Tenants Move Out:
The Kitchen

The final major item that needs to be cleaned when your tenants move out is the kitchen. The kitchen is perhaps the most used space in the home, and it deserves special attention. People must eat, and moving in to find a dirty kitchen is a major violation of your tenants’ rights. Make sure that all appliances have been wiped and scrubbed to perfect cleanliness, that the sink has been bleached and is in good condition. Ensure that all cabinets and counters are wiped down, sanitized, and free from debris. 

You are required to clean your units in between tenants. That means when one tenant moves out, you need to go all out on cleaning quickly. Make sure that you deep clean these three major items to deliver your next tenants the best possible space.

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