Important Tasks to Get Done in Between Tenants

Important Tasks to Get Done in Between Tenants

The transition between tenants can be busy and stressful for landlords. There are multiple things to keep track of before opening the space up to a new resident. Landlords are obligated to maintain their rental property. Before a new tenant moves in, be sure to complete important tasks like deep cleaning, getting an inspection, and taking pictures of the apartment.

Tasks to Get Done in Between Tenants: Deep Cleaning

When doing turnover between tenants, deep cleaning is especially important. You want to make sure that the property is thoroughly cleaned. Especially in areas like the tub, toilet, stove, and refrigerator. Thoroughly cleaning these areas will help you identify any existing problems you might need to fix. You should also vacuum and sweep to remove additional debris. Tenants need to feel like they are the only ones living in the property. They don’t want to be reminded of previous occupants. You increase the comfort of your tenants and the value of your property by giving it a deep clean between transitions.

Get an Inspection

Depending on where you live, it may be required to get a home inspection before a tenant moves in. Whether or not it is required, it is wise to get your rental property inspected in between tenants. An inspection helps you prepare the unit for the next tenant. An inspection can help uncover health and safety issues. An inspection will also tell you what you need to repair right away and what repairs you can expect in the future. Create a safe environment for your tenants by getting an inspection before they move in.

Tasks to Get Done in Between Tenants: Take Pre-Move-In Pictures

For the safety of your property, it is wise to take pre-move-in pictures of your apartment. After all the cleaning and maintenance has been finished, document the condition of the rental with photos. Pay attention to recent repairs and take pictures of newly finished features. Your photos should also show the condition of the carpet, windows, doors, cabinets, walls, and any other elements that could be damaged easily. Potential problems that still exist should be documented so the repair cost does not fall on the responsibility of the tenant. This will give you and your tenants insurance against damage claims.

Show your tenants that you will be a good landlord from day one by putting in the necessary work. Complete important tasks like deep cleaning, getting an inspection, and taking pre-move-in pictures. This will make the transition much smoother for all parties involved.

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