Important Home Inspections You May Not Be Thinking About

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, home inspections can feel like a thing of the past. After all, you did that before moving in, right? But, if you’ve not considered having an inspection in a while, there could be some things which you’ve forgotten. What are important home inspections that you might not be thinking about?

Important Home Inspections: Insulation Inspections

Getting your insulation inspected is important, whether you have a newly built home or an older home. In both, insulation can settle over time, and be less fluffy, and therefore have less insulating powers than previously. You need at least a foot of insulation in the attic of your home, and while you’d love your inspection to find it’s already there, you want to know if it’s not. Having more insulation can make it possible for you to save some much money in energy bills!

Garage Door Inspections

A garage door may lead to injuries if you don’t have it inspected regularly. If you have an older garage door, it might not have the safety mechanisms that cause it to stop and refuse to shut if blocked. This can lead to pets, children, items, and yourself being in danger of a steadily closing garage door intent on settling it’s full weight on the foundation. It’s important to make sure that this safety mechanism is not only in place, but working properly and not blocked, and that your garage door likewise is working properly.

Important Home Inspections: Mold Inspections

You can’t always smell or see mold when it infects a home. However, inspectors who specialize in finding mold issues have equipment which can determine whether or not you have dangerous mold in your home. Every home, regardless of when it is built, has some mold, which is normal in nature. Making sure that there is no ongoing water damage causing dangerous black mold spores in your home is critical to your own lung health!

Your home is a financial investment that you want to protect, not just now but permanently. Whether you intend to live there forever, or sell in the future, knowing that it’s safe and sound is important. The best way to make sure you don’t have any ongoing problems is to do your own due diligence. This means making sure that your home is prepared for all seasons and all complications which could be coming your way.

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