How to Protect Your Home from Extreme Weather

How to Protect Your Home from Extreme Weather

Nothing poses as great a to your home as extreme weather. Everything from fires, storms, earthquakes, and hurricanes can qualify as extreme weather. When your house is at risk, so is your livelihood, shelter, and financial stronghold. For many families, the home is the largest singular asset that a family has and losing that to extreme weather can be devastating for everyone involved. Make sure that you are taking care of your home and preparing for weather-related damage. Here are the best ways to protect your home from extreme weather.

Protect Your Home from Extreme Weather: Keep Up with Maintenance

Your home needs to be well maintained to prevent taking on damage during extreme weather. And maintenance is different from cleanliness, so don’t mistake this for manicuring your lawn and keeping your house organized. Maintaining involves ensuring that the essential parts of your home are in good shape. The foundation, the roof, the siding, your pipes and plumbing, your paint, all of it needs to be taken care of regularly to ensure that it stays in good shape. Having a strong and maintained roof, plumbing, windows, and foundation, your house will better be able to withstand extreme weather.

Use Homeowners Insurance

If you own a home, then you absolutely need insurance. Many homeowners forgo home insurance and risk their home in the process. Homeowners insurance can protect your home against storms, leaks, freezes, and other extreme weather situations that can damage your home and ruin it’s value and utility. With robust insurance you will be taken care of in the event of storm or weather damage to your home. Home insurance also covers your personal belongings from damage or theft. Make sure that you have homeowners’ insurance.

Protect Your Home from Extreme Weather: Trim Your Trees

One of the largest damage threats to your home in extreme weather is falling tree branches. If you have trees on your property, the smartest way to prepare your home for extreme weather is to trim large tree branches that are close to your house. A fallen tree branch can cause leaks and roof damage, and in some cases even collapse your home. A little bit of proactiveness can save your home from terrible damage from extreme weather, all by just trimming your trees.


Extreme weather is no joke; it poses a serious threat. Extreme weather can damage your home and leave you and your family in ruin. Make sure that you are following these three tips to help protect your home from extreme weather.

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