How to Make More Room for Storage in Your Home in the New Year

How to Make More Room for Storage in Your Home in the New Year

The new year is approaching, and if you are anything like the rest of us, then that means one thing – organizing, reorganizing, and decluttering for a fresh start to the year. It is always a good idea to start the year off right with a clean and organized and decluttered home, fresh and ready for a new year of opportunity and growth. But finding sake for storage in your home can be… well… challenging to say the least. Follow these three tips to find ways to make storage in your home for the new year.

Make More Room for Storage: Empty Your Closets

The first place you should look for additional storage you didn’t realize you had been in your closest. While your closet may be full of things, it is probably the least well-organized storage space in your home. Many people end up just shoving items into their closets without a thought, just to get it out of sight and put away. This means your closet is probably full of things you no longer need. Start by emptying those closets, going through everything, and only put away the things you want back. Get rid of the rest. You will find that you have a ton more storage than you thought!

Clean Out Your Attic

Too many homeowners don’t use their attic space for storage. Why? Well, too many people think it is too much trouble to go through cleaning their attic to keep it clean enough for storage and getting rid of the common pests that can take up residence in your home. You should watch out for common spiders found in the South while cleaning out your attic. Attics tend to be dark and cool, making them great nesting places for all sorts of pests if you don’t clean well enough.

Make More Room for Storage: Organize Your Garage

The garage is a great place for long term storage of items that you want to keep but may not need for years. If your garage is well organized, you can find so many shelves and shelves of unused storage space that can help you get plenty of stuff out of the way. Think about reorganizing your garage so that you have more storage space to play with for the coming new year.

Finding more storage in your home is a constant struggle. And while there may never feel like enough storage, there are some ways you can find more this new year. Follow these three tips and you will be swimming in extra storage in the new year.

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