Why You Should Finish Your Backyard

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There are times where the effort to finish your backyard is overwhelming. The time it takes to design it how you want seems impossible to fit in a 24-hour day. However, the satisfaction and utility you experience will be significant. Below are a few reasons why you should finally finish your backyard.


Why You Should Finish Your Backyard: Have a Place to Relax


Ultimately a finished backyard can become an oasis and place of relaxation. You have the option to design your yard however you want. With some outdoor furniture and maybe a secret garden, you can find quiet places to reflect and reset. It has been proven that spending time outside has a wide range of health benefits. Extending beyond the time you spend finishing your backyard, you can have a place to relax and enjoy your efforts.


Create an Outdoor Theater


Creating an outdoor theater for your family is the ultimate “cool parent” move. You can enjoy warm evenings in your backyard with just your family or with a few friends screening a movie. By setting up an inflatable screen, a projector and some speakers, you can create the ultimate movie watching experience. You may also consider sewing together some old pillows to create a quilt cushion for viewers to relax on and setting up a treat bar for those that get snacky during the movie. Movies in the backyard take an inside activity and make it exciting where everyone can enjoy it, regardless of what movie is playing. Plus, there is something about the big screen and cozy blankets that make every movie better than you remember.



Why You Should Finish Your Backyard: Enjoy Summer Nights by a Fire


Sometimes, the coziest thing you can do is sit around a campfire and talk. There is something magical about watching the embers glow and the flames lick the fuel. With a built-in campfire set, you can enjoy many calm summer evenings and around the campfire that you built. All you need are a few chairs and possibly some blankets on hand to make everyone feel comfortable and cozy.


Don’t forget the treats! There are a variety of yummy things you can make over a fire. You can roast marshmallows and combine them with graham crackers or fudge stripes for extra variety. You can also melt some chocolate or starbursts for more unique and tasty treats. Enjoy your summer nights by a fire in your completed backyard.


Why You Should Finish Your Backyard: Hold a Barbecue


Hosting an outdoor barbecue in your backyard when it’s complete is the ultimate welcoming party. You can enjoy grilling hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, and appetizers for a delicious meal. Then enjoy it and the product of your efforts all outside on the perfect summer evening. If you don’t like traditional hamburgers and hot dogs, you can get creative with what you serve. Bamboo skewers have several uses and are biodegradable. Grilled kabobs are a fan favorite with a unique twist on outdoor barbecue trends.


Play Croquet


Croquet is an activity that has steadily become less popular, but that isn’t for lack of fun! Croquet is an excellent activity for anyone in the family regardless of their athletic or physical abilities. All you need is some grass and a croquet set. There are various ways to play the game which gives it even more variety when playing. Think of a safer, mini version of golf, all taking place in your backyard. Get outside, be active, and enjoy conversations related to and away from the game all within the comfort of your own backyard.


Why You Should Finish Your Backyard: Tent Sleepover


Have you kids ever begged to go camping, but you just don’t have the time to prepare, leave, and come all the way back? Hosting a sleepover slumber party in the backyard is a really fun way to bring the camping to them. Invite each of the attendees to bring their own tent, play a few outdoor games, maybe couple it with an outdoor movie, and set up the tents before it gets dark. You can sleep outside under the stars, or inside in the comfort of your own bed without worrying about whether everyone is safe and comfortable (because they’ll have your nice plush grass to sleep on). If you want to go all the way but don’t have enough tents to go around, the trampoline can also be a comfy way to fall asleep under the night sky.


Splish N’ Splash Parties


Parties in the middle of the summer when the sun is high can be very difficult. Sometimes, that’s just what works out with the schedule, but not necessarily the temperature. Hosting water games in the backyard is the perfect way to be outside, cool down, have fun, and don’t forget, water your fresh landscaping. Fill a bunch of water balloons or set up a slip and slide for some ultimate wet fun. Little kids love to run through sprinklers! You can also set up relay races and do team exercises that everyone in the group can enjoy. Once everyone is soaked from head to toe, offer some cool watermelon as a tasty treat.


Why You Should Finish Your Backyard: Increase Home Value


We’ve talked about all the fun activities you can host outside in your backyard, but there is a lot of equity that also comes with a finished yard. Finishing your backyard increases your home value and by default, the equity you have in your home. Potential buyers are much more likely to purchase your home at or above asking price if the landscaping is already done for them. It also adds to your home’s curb appeal which will increase the attractiveness of your home and your overall satisfaction with it. The backyard is an extension of your home, you can do whatever you want with it to enjoy your space outside.


There are multiple motivators for finishing your backyard. The time spent outside relaxing, having fun, and making memories will be well worth it. Additionally, with a little effort, you increase your home’s value. Enjoy the fresh air and great outdoors in the comfort of your own backyard when it’s finished.


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