How to Write a Lease Tenants Will Find Agreeable

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As a landlord, you know it’s important to be honorable and reliable with your agreements. Here is a list of how to write a lease tenant will find agreeable. If you want to have tenants who feel likewise, it’s important to have a good balance in your agreements. It’s important to make sure you both are well covered legally. How can you write a lease that is agreeable to both you as landlord and your tenants?

Write a Lease Tenants Will Find Agreeable: Set Clear Expectations

As with all relationships, business or otherwise, having clear boundaries and expectations are important. Your tenants need clear expectations of how to contact you, what things are their responsibility, and what your expectations are while they are on your property. By establishing clear-cut expectations early on, your tenant knows you will respect them and their privacy, and take care of maintenance issues quickly. You, in return, can have greater confidence that they will keep their end of the contract by paying rent and not damaging property.

Be More Accommodating

Being empathetic to your tenants is critical if you want to come to a mutual agreement. It’s important to recognize that you need to be honest with all interactions. If you’re having complications fixing a specific problem, let them know. If they need honest accommodations as well, it’s important to consider those. Prorating rent payments can attract more tenants to your properties. They will respect that you are not charging them for any time they didn’t live on the property.

Write a Lease Tenants Will Find Agreeable: Encourage Longer Stays

It saves you a lot of money if you have happy tenants, because the longer they live in your property, the less you have to search for new renters. More importantly, though, long-term tenants tend to respect a property more. They have established friendships and relationships in the neighborhood, and have created a home, rather than a temporary campsite. You want to encourage your tenants to stay longer than a year’s agreement, by doing all of the things that a good landlord does.

If you can keep your high-quality tenants from leaving, and establish more in other units, you create a community with respect and accountability to each other and your property. Tenants need to know they can trust you, your maintenance, and your community. When they feel respected, they stay longer and create a healthier community, which serves your needs!

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