Features That Will Attract Younger Buyers to Your Home

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When selling your home, you might want to have some features that attract younger buyers. However, this can be difficult as these buyers have very particular interests and needs when it comes to buying a home. If you want to attract them, you need to include certain features.

Features That Will Attract Younger Buyers to Your Home: Hardwood Floors

Having hardwood floors is an attractive option that many buyers are looking for. Hardwood floors are more durable. They are made out of strong material and are usually sealed. They are more stain-resistant, and they can be easily cleaned. Hardwood floors also tend to go with most decorating styles as they have a very timeless look. As a bonus, the color doesn’t tend to fade, and the nature of the wood creates a unique pattern on any floor. Another often overlooked benefit of hardwood is that it won’t collect dust or allergens which leads to better air quality. Overall, having hardwood floors is extremely beneficial and most buyers will be looking for them.

Home Office Space

Within the last year especially, more people have transitioned to working from home. Of course, it can be difficult to work well if you don’t have a designated workspace. Having a dedicated home office space can be very appealing to younger buyers who are working from home. This needs to be a space that will be free from distractions. An area away from common areas like the kitchen or living room would be ideal. As you sell your home, you can market a room in your home as an office space even if it typically functions as a bedroom or other space. It’s all about how you describe the rooms to potential buyers.

Features That Will Attract Younger Buyers to Your Home: USB Outlets

Most people are already looking for a space with plenty of outlets. However, it is becoming a common trend to have USB outlets in the home. A majority of electronic devices depend on USB cables for charging and other functions. Usually, people need to use an adaptor to plug them in. However, it’s much easier if an outlet already has a USB port. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to simply replace the outlets you have for USB outlets. Plus, these outlets will also function as normal outlets. Make the switch to appeal to younger buyers.

Energy-Efficient Features

Energy efficiency is a common trend, but it is largely popular with younger buyers. There are a lot of ways you can add energy-efficient features to your home that will benefit the planet and save on energy costs. One place to start is with the plumbing. You can install low-flow faucets and showerheads that will maintain pressure while using less water. There are also low-flow toilets available. Next, you can address the lightbulbs in your home. Energy-efficient bulbs will last longer while using less energy and producing less heat. Finally, you can install more efficient windows. There are many benefits to energy-efficient windows. The main benefit is that they are better insulated and can prevent energy leaks in the home. All of these features will be a big selling point for younger buyers.

Features That Will Attract Younger Buyers to Your Home: Smart Home Technology

Another popular feature among younger buyers is smart home technology. This technology is integrated into your home to create convenience and increase security. On the convenience side, you might see features like a smart thermostat. This feature allows you to operate your thermostat from your phone so you can control the temperature from anywhere in the house or even if you’re out of the house. Similarly, you can control the lights and even the locks on your home. For security, you can install cameras including a doorbell cam that allows you to check who’s at the door from your phone. You can also include alarms and smart locks.

Updated Kitchen and Bathrooms

Nearly every buyer, not just the younger ones, will be looking for updated kitchens and bathrooms. Having these updates does a lot to make your home appealing. First of all, buyers will be relieved they won’t have to do these updates themselves as they can be very expensive. Updates also show that a lot of care and attention went into a home. Buyers will feel like they are buying a quality house. Finally, there’s the fact that no one wants to live in a home with an old bathroom or an outdated kitchen. People want things to be new and current. Consider making updates to your kitchen and bathroom.

Features That Will Attract Younger Buyers to Your Home: Low Maintenance

Most younger buyers don’t want to spend their spare time making repairs around the home, but at the same time, they want nice-looking homes. You can appeal to these buyers by making your home more low maintenance. This low maintenance starts with the materials you use in updates and repairs of your own. For example, vinyl siding is a low maintenance material, but it still looks nice. Similarly, hardwood floors require little maintenance. You can also create a low-maintenance home by getting a new roof or windows that will last a long time. Another option is to create simple yet appealing landscaping that will look nice but require little attention.

Storage Space

Having plenty of storage space is something a lot of younger buyers are looking for. They want to have plenty of space for all their belongings and future expansion. One place to start is having plenty of linen closets, cabinet space, and garage space. Of course, you can also expand storage space in creative and intuitive ways. For example, you can add in a built-in shelf that will provide more space without being in the way. Find other creative ways to increase the storage space in your home. 

Selling your home is dependent on finding buyers. It can be difficult to find younger buyers if your home doesn’t have the features they are looking for. Some features might be expensive to add, but some can be done easily. Start now to find ways you can add the features younger buyers are looking for.

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