3 Compelling Reasons to Add a Solar System to Your Property

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If you live in a sunny area, you’ve probably seen solar panels all over the place. It’s usually very common in these areas for people to add solar panels to their homes. But besides the obvious environmental benefits, there are lots of other reasons that adding solar panels to your home is a great idea.

Compelling Reasons to Add a Solar System to Your Property: Tax Incentives

There are significant tax incentives for adopting solar onto your property, and that alone can be a good reason to investigate what system your property might need. There’s an over 25% incentive for the cost of panels and installation. However, because this incentive ends at the end of 2021, it’s a good idea to not delay if you’re considering solar. Looking into installation now, rather than later, can help boost not only your savings but also get you into cleaner energy more quickly.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Many people understand the impact of climate change on all of the world, but not everyone knows how they can help prevent it from getting worse. While predominantly the responsibility for change is that of large corporations, individual usage does add up significantly over time. The average 8.6kW solar system removes about as much CO2 from the air each year as fifty trees. Realistically, few have space or time to plant fifty trees, but this is a great option instead! Along with changing your lightbulbs to halogen, and driving hybrid cars, there’s little an individual can do to reduce their carbon footprint besides transitioning to solar power.

Compelling Reasons to Add a Solar System to Your Property: Value Increase

Will your home value increase that much when you go solar? According to experts, it can increase your home value by 3-4%. That doesn’t sound like all that much, except you’re not talking about one-dollar bills but by hundreds of thousands of property cost. There are few other remodeling projects which can increase a home value so much.

If you want to lower your carbon footprint, increase the value of your home, and save some major tax money, installing a solar system might be the best option for your property. This is can help your family to be financially independent while gaining property value. With panels having greater longevity than ever, and with ever-increasing costs to heat and power a household, there’s no reason not to investigate this option.

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