How to Encourage Tenants to Take Care of Your Properties

How to Encourage Tenants to Take Care of Your Properties

Owning rental properties is often thought of as being a great way to build wealth and financial stability. What people may not think of as often is all the work that goes into maintaining those properties. Landlords have a responsibility to keep their properties in habitable condition, which is much easier to do if your tenants help you by taking care of your property. So how do you encourage them to do so?

How to Encourage Tenants to Take Care of Your Properties: Keep Them Happy

Maintaining a positive landlord-tenant relationship is beneficial to both parties. The happier your tenants are with you, the better they’ll feel about taking care of the property they live in. There are plenty of horror stories about tenants who feel like they have been wronged by their landlord and choose to take their revenge by damaging the property. Sure, they won’t get their deposit back, but depending on how upset they are they may not care. Since anger tends to short circuit normal thought processes, they may not consider the legal ramifications either. It’s just better for everyone to keep the relationship positive as much as possible.

Let Them Know of Their Responsibilities

One of the important things you can do to help keep the relationship positive is to make sure you clearly communicate what your tenants’ responsibilities are in regards to maintaining your property. Generally speaking, tenants don’t tend to be responsible for repairs or maintenance aside from minor things like changing the occasional lightbulb. However, tenants should inform landlords immediately of any damage that occurs. Make sure what they are and aren’t responsible for is clearly outlined in the lease.

How to Encourage Tenants to Take Care of Your Properties: Conduct Regular Inspections

Performing regular inspections can feel like you’re playing the parent to your tenants, but the reality is that it’s one of the best ways to make sure any maintenance and repairs are done promptly. Knowing you’ll be checking in on the property can encourage tenants to take responsibility for keeping it clean and making choices that prevent unnecessary damage. Make sure you give your tenants plenty of notice and explain clearly what the expectations are before you show up. You may find it helpful to provide them with a thorough cleaning checklist that includes areas that should be cleaned as well as what you want them to clean with.

Your tenants can be your greatest help when it comes to keeping your properties in good condition. Encourage them to take care of your rental properties by maintaining good relationships with them, letting them know what they are responsible for, and conducting regular inspections. This will help you keep your properties in good condition for both your current and future tenants.

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