How to Get a Fixer-Upper Ready for Your Tenants

How to Get a Fixer-Upper Ready for Your Tenants

There’s a lot to do to prepare a fixer-upper ready for your tenants. There are renovations to consider as well as prepping the newly refurbished house. You want to make sure the home is comfortable and livable in time for the arrival. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get ready.

Get a Fixer-Upper Ready for Your Tenants: Hire a Contractor

Your first step should be hiring a contractor. They are experts in their field and you can depend on a higher quality of work than if you do it yourself. A contractor can address common issues such as replacing broken doors and hinges, fixing leaky pipes, redoing any caulking or grout, and replacing anything else old or damaged. When looking for a contractor, there are many online sites, such as Houzz, that you can use to locate a local contractor. With Houzz, you can be confident the reviews your read are legitimate because the site requires users to create a profile. You can trust the reviews and find the perfect contractor.

Be Mindful of Your Budget

Before you start working on your fixer upper, make sure you review your budget and find the most cost-effective means of fixing up your home. Some projects, while beneficial to your home, can be quite expensive. Determine what projects are most necessary in order to ready your house for tenants. It’s possible you’ll need to turn to thriftier options, including buying used materials. Working on projects while on a budget can also lead to some creativity as you find solutions that are kind to your wallet. For example, instead of replacing things you can simply refinish them to look newer. You don’t want to break the bank so consider all your options.

Get a Fixer-Upper Ready for Your Tenants:Keep it Clean

Tenants are very aware of the level of cleanliness of their home. Before your tenants move in, make sure you thoroughly clean your property. One way to impress your tenants is to address less noticed areas. Clean your window sills, ceiling fans, and floors under appliances. You should also make your best effort to get rid of any odors. An option to consider is having your carpets cleaned. If you’re worried about how thorough you’re being, you can always hire a professional crew to come in and clean the house.

A lot of work goes into a getting a Fixer-Upper Ready for Your Tenants, but it is so worth it. Plus, your tenants will appreciate your efforts. Make sure you are thorough with your preparations in order to make sure your fixer-upper is just what your tenants are hoping for.

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