How Much Value Does A Covered Patio Add To A Property?

How Much Value Does A Covered Patio Add To A Property?

Few things add value to a home like a nice covered patio! Besides the main building, there are other components you can install to add value to the property. A patio is one such aspect. Instead of leaving that area uncovered, you can transform it from a dull and unattractive ground to a functional and beautiful space. A covered patio offers an alternative living space that you can use to entertain guests, spend time with your family or doing something you enjoy doing on your own, like reading a book while sipping wine. Buyers will pay a premium for a well-constructed patio. Here are the essential qualities to consider when placing value on a patio.

Covered Patio: How Much Yard Is Left?

It is a big mistake to build a massive patio on a small yard; it takes too much space, leaving minimal room for other activities. It also looks awkward and interferes with the overall look of the property. A patio that covers the whole yard discourages buyers; therefore, make sure the size of the structure is proportional to the available yard space. To make sure the yard occupies the right amount of space, pick the furniture wisely, avoid over-accessorizing, and leave some space for walking. However, although minimalism works well, make sure it holds everything needed for a functional, attractive, and relaxing environment. When accessorizing, large items should sit behind smaller ones at all times.

What Material Is It Made From?

The material used to make a patio greatly determines the value it adds to the house. It identifies the durability, maintenance costs, and style. Manufactured stones can last for about 100 years since only the damaged part requires replacement, not the whole patio, in case of breakage. Travertine pavers are an environmentally friendly option that also lasts for a long time and comes in various styles, like Tuscany Scabas, Mediterranean walnut, and silver. One of the benefits of concrete is the lack of maintenance it needs. It is also pocket-friendly and comes in a variety of shapes, tones, and sizes, so it accommodates the styles of different people. When shopping around for a house, take into consideration that different materials are better suited for specific homes. Concrete is ideal for contemporary-style, stones go better with Victorian, brick is suitable for colonial, and stamped or poured concrete is better for craftsman-style homes.

Covered Patio: How Old Is It?

Age is a huge factor when determining the value of a patio and the whole house. Usually, buyers prefer newer homes and will likely spend more money on it than an old one. A more modern patio is better because it requires fewer renovations and maintenance, therefore, making the property easier to sell. However, the condition of the property is also crucial. It is for this reason that buyers would instead go for a well- maintained 15-year-old house with an exceptional patio than a new home that requires renovations. An old and outdated patio can derail the interests of buyers, so upgrading the courtyard of a house into excellent condition can significantly increase its value.

What Are the Other Houses Like?

Other than energy efficiency, outdoor living continues to grow and become an essential feature that most people consider when buying a house. A property with an outdoor space for entertainment offers a unique and attractive quality to potential buyers. Patios give a high return on investment. Based on a survey conducted on landscape architecture, 98% of buyers and homeowners wish to have a patio, deck, and terrace. If your property is the only one with a patio in the neighborhood, it will offer buyers a compelling reason to buy it over the others.

Covered Patio: Does It Serve Its Intended use?

Property owners use their patio for various uses, ranging from dining and playing to relaxing. If you can enjoy movie nights or game nights at your patio with your family or friends, then the value of the patio goes up. Features like overhead fans also come in handy during the scorching heat of summer and make sure the space is available for use whenever it is needed.

Is the Location Suitable?

The size of the house and the available space determine the location of the patio. However, the choice of place should also take into consideration the amount of shade, privacy needs, accessibility, wind, the amount of sun the patio gets, and noise. The location of the patio dictates whether or not it offers a conducive environment for living. The patio should stand in a firm and level ground to avoid drainage issues, and it should also receive the right amount of sunlight throughout the day. Excessive or insufficient sunlight may interfere with your experience at the patio; therefore, assess the condition of the space at different hours of the day.

Covered Patio: Does the Design Match the Property?

The ideal patio complements the overall look of the property rather than looking like a standalone structure. The color scheme should complement the main house and the surrounding landscape to improve the overall look of the property. Examine the aesthetics of the patio in comparison to the house; for example, a dome patio is not ideal for a home with a flat roof.

Is It Fit for Use Throughout the Year?

It would be better to have a patio you can use during every season, whether it is cold, hot, or moderate. Features that make a patio accessible all year long add value to the property. A pergola blocks harmful sun rays from getting to you while leaving access to the needed warmth during summer. You can hang outdoor lights on pergolas during winter that not only improve the atmosphere but also extend the time you spend on the patio. Outdoor heat sources, whether small or large, ensure that you enjoy time in your patio during winter or chilly summer nights. Blinds guarantee that you can spend time outdoors during the rainy season. They also keep the sun away.

Every buyer appreciates an additional living space. A well-maintained and stylish patio makes a property appealing and more valuable.

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