3 Home Additions That Can Appeal to Families With Kids

3 Home Additions That Can Appeal to Families With Kids

Adding home additions can be fun and add value to your home! Living with children is both a joy and a challenge. Every day is an adventure, and you need to make the most of your space to ensure that the house is comfortable for everyone. If you’re considering some remodeling, these are some home renovations for families with kids that will help declutter your space and make it more enjoyable for kids to spend time in. It will also make your home that much more inviting to families with kids when you’re looking to sell.

Home Additions: Spare Bedrooms

Any family with children can benefit from spare bedrooms. These can be used for guests or turned into a multi-functional space that suits your needs any time of year. As children get older, having separate bedrooms can reduce sibling squabbles and give them a sense of independence. They’ll also love the opportunity to express their personalities decorating their own rooms. According to Renovation Design Group, when a home that’s for sale has spare bedrooms, families will find the property very appealing.

Backyard Playground

A trip to the park isn’t always practical, so why not bring the fun to your own backyard? Artificial Greens & Lawns advises that soft and safe surfaces create an inviting space for a children’s playground that kids will enjoy playing on. Sand or rubber mulch under turf rugs can provide soft landings from equipment like jungle gyms and swing set. What family with kids wouldn’t be eager to move into a home that already has a safe outdoor play area installed?

Home Additions: Playroom

An in-home playroom can end the sea of toys constantly spread throughout your house. Whether you decide to change your basement into a play zone or want to turn a bedroom into their own hideaway, playrooms offer kids a place to let loose and have fun without risking injuries, breaking things or getting underfoot. Look for some built-in shelves to provide organization while minimizing the risk of furniture falls.

Adding a TV hooked up to kid-friendly Netflix will provide hours of entertainment. You can also incorporate musical instruments, puzzles and drawing supplies. When potential buyers see the playroom in your house, it will be easy for them to envision their family having a great time there.

Focus on your family’s current needs before you make any updates. Could you deal with more personal space, organization or a designated spot to do your favorite activities? Focus on functionality first so that you can choose new pieces of furniture that are durable, flexible and multipurpose.

If you’re in the market for a new home, create a wishlist of features you’d like to have. Contemplate your family’s growth over the next few years, and choose a home that has the ability to evolve right along with you. Let the whole family get in on the new updates as you seek to make your house feel even more like home while also appealing to future buyers.

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