Top 8 Tips for Creating a Beautiful Landscape for Your Property

Beautiful Landscape

A beautiful landscape is desired by everyone. It ramps up your property value, reduces stress, and offers a healthful hobby to get you outdoors. Most of us didn’t attend college to receive a horticulture degree but creating that perfect landscape of your dreams doesn’t have to be complicated. With these simple steps, you’ll have an ideal formula to apply to your property that you can enjoy for years to come.

Beautiful Landscape: Add Greenery and Shrubbery

Trees and shrubs offer the framework of your landscaping. You should never underestimate their value for creating the backdrop for your statement pieces. While a sea of tulips undeniably looks great, their bloom is short-lived, and you’ll have nothing to fill the void between waves of flowers without the use of hedges. These shade trees lend themselves wonderfully to building your landscaping.

There are several benefits of planting trees in your yard, including cooling your yard and protecting other valuable plantings from harsh over-exposure to the sun. Plenty of variety in the trees you plant also lends itself to a stunning fall symphony of colors. With a little attention to creating sun and shade spots on your property, you can create different planting zones to allow you to experiment with a wide range of plants.

Trim and Take Care of the Lawn

Your lawn acts similarly to the walls in your house. It is a neutral palate for developing your aesthetic. If you wouldn’t tolerate unpainted, dirty walls in your home, consider what a shaggy, patchy lawn does for the exterior of your home. A nicely manicured lawn looks tidy and well-kept.

Keeping your grass from developing bare spots and getting too long plays a role in the health of the rest of your landscaping as well. Bugs that can cause significant damage to your more expensive plantings hide in tall grass. If you keep it lower and clean, you’re eliminating their hiding spots, so you don’t have as much work to do combating their ravages.

Beautiful Landscape: Incorporate Water and Lighting Features

Designing a focal point in your garden using water features and lighting is a lovely way to add sophistication and interest to your landscaping. If you live in a climate with very harsh winters, you may dislike the idea of adding a water feature to your property. That’s fine! Lights that are strategically placed around your property add a bewitching ambiance. Think pathway lights, string lights over your patio, and spotlights focused on planting vignettes. The use of lights extends the hours that you can enjoy all that natural beauty.

Water installations are a little more complicated than lights but contribute wonderful charm to your landscaping. These stunning water feature ideas are doable for a wide variety of skill levels and budgets. The use of water in landscape design creates a cool, refreshing oasis in your yard to relax.

Fix Up the Flower Beds

It may seem like a few little weeds and spent flowers can’t possibly harm your flower beds, but they do take away from the beauty of your plantings. Tidying up by regularly pulling weeds and deadheading old flowers will ensure that your flower beds always look their best.

Another consideration for making flower beds as attractive as possible is to schedule in mulching regularly. Once a year, you should spread a new layer of mulch on your flower beds. It keeps weeds down, cools the roots of flowers planted in especially hot areas, and polishes up your look.

Beautiful Landscape: Invest in Landscape Edging

Bordering in your flower beds helps reduce some of your work by reducing the growth of invasive weeds from your lawn into your flower beds. While you may be forced to weed eat along the borders now, that’s preferable over the lawnmower throwing clipped weeds into your flowers.

Edgers don’t only provide function, they button up your landscaping and boost your curb appeal. You can choose several different styles and materials to suit your aesthetic and budget. The right landscape border for your home depends on the design of your house and landscaping.

Consider Edible Plants

Many plants that grow fruits and vegetables are beautiful in their own right. There’s no need to relegate them to a vegetable garden plot when they can be tucked into flower beds for a stunning effect. The use of edible landscaping provides form and function.

Some of our favorite ideas include the use of perennial plants like strawberries, rhubarb, and asparagus. Each has a lovely form later in the growing season and can fill in a spot for years for a unique feature. The use of annuals like pole beans, which also have dense, pretty foliage and striking flowers is an unexpected touch where you might traditionally use other flowering vines.

Tier Your Planting Height

One dimensional plantings are dull. Group together trees, shrubs, and flowers that have different heights for a more dynamic effect. You have an opportunity to play with leaf structure, colors, and light needs with this technique. For instance, deep under the canopy of a cluster of trees, you can plant shade-loving ornamentals like Japanese maples then move outwards to sun-lovers like echinacea.

Beautiful Landscape: Don’t Be Afraid of Annual Flowers

Many gardeners love perennials for their lack of work. You plant them, fertilize now and then, and they do the rest year after year. Don’t underestimate the power of annual flowers in the overall design of your landscaping. They have a lot to offer that perennials don’t.

In general, perennials have a set period during which they bloom, then the flowers fall off, and the plant devotes itself to storing energy for next year. Annuals, on the other hand, tend to bloom for several months before dying with the first frost. Dedicate a few hours to digging in annuals every spring, and they’ll reward you long after those luscious peonies are gone.

Are you ready to get in the dirt and try out these tips to create a gorgeous landscape? With a little work and proper planning, you can have the house on the block that everyone stops to admire.

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