5 Tips to Increase Your Home Value and Make It More Attractive to Potential Buyers

If you are thinking of selling your home then you need to find ways to increase your home value and make it more attractive to buyers

If you are thinking of selling your home then you need to find ways to increase the home value and make it more attractive to buyers, there are some areas where you will want to concentrate. Improving these areas may help your home sell faster, and they may make your home more valuable.

Make Repairs Inside and Out

While you may never complete your honey-do list, you do need to fix areas of your home that are broken before placing it on the market. The chances are that a potential buyer is going to want a home inspection done, and they may require you to fix them anyway, so get ahead and start on the process. Start by getting a roof inspection done. If the inspection shows any damage, then you need to get it repaired. JMK Roofing points out that a damaged roof can have very costly consequences if it is not repaired. Water can get under your roofing, causing the decking to leak. Once the decking starts leaking, then water can get into your attic, where mold may form. Water may also enter your home’s electrical system, which can be deadly. Differed maintenance will negatively affect your home value.

Increase Your Home Value: Make It More Appealing

The next area that you need to concentrate on is making your home more appealing inside and out. Often, starting on the outside with a good cleaning is a great place to start as potential buyers will usually drive by your house before deciding to stop. Consider adding exterior lighting and add features to your landscaping that will make your yard more enjoyable. Then, move to the inside of your home. Eliminating clutter helps to make moving easier after your home has sold, and it may help potential buyers picture their belongings in your home. Then, start adding features with a particular emphasis on the kitchen and bathrooms.

Increase Your Home Value: Make It More Energy Efficient

Making your home more energy-efficient can make it more valuable. Depending on its location, think about adding solar panels to the roof. If your furniture and the air conditioner is older than ten years, then it is probably time for a new one. If it is newer than that, then get them inspected and have routine maintenance done. Adding insulation to the attic can help lower energy bills. Morning Chores suggests planting fast-growing trees that will eventually shade your home. Installing new energy-efficient windows can also help as much of the heat, and air conditioning escapes out the windows. Depending on your location, you may even want to add windows on the south and east side of your home to let in the morning light while blocking off windows on the north and west to help stop the afternoon sun from entering your home.

Make It Smarter

Architectural Digest claims that adding technology to your home can help make it worth more money. Start by taking a look at your home’s security system to make sure that you have the latest technology to keep your home safe. Then, think about the kitchen. There are many high-tech appliances that you might want to consider, such as refrigerators that will tell you when food is about to go bad and ovens that sense what food you are putting in them and program themselves to cook that food. You may also want to connect the home to a whole house smart system, such as Alexa or Google Home.

Increase Your Home Value: Make It Bigger

Increasing your home’s footprint can help your home bring more money. There are several different ways that you can make your home bigger. You may want to add an addition to the side or back of your home. You may also want to consider tearing off the roof and adding an additional level to your home. If these are not possible, then you may want to consider adding an additional building to your home, such as a mother-in-law pod or building an apartment over the garage.

There are many things that you can do to make your home more valuable. You may be able to complete small projects on the weekend or after work. Alternatively, you may want to hire a professional to complete other projects. While you may be out some cash now, you will have more money in your pocket after your home sells, so pick out the projects from this list that are most attractive to you and begin the planning process today.

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