Reach for the Top: Ways to Be the Leading Real Estate Agent in Your Area

Leading Real Estate Agent

Selling real estate in Jacksonville, FL can be a tough gig. To be the leading real estate agent in your area you need to do a number of things. You’re constantly competing with other agents to acquire new clients, and you’re always hustling to meet the needs and requirements of the customers you do have. Here are some tips on how to build your business and become one of the top agents in your area.

Be the Leading Real Estate Agent in Your Area: Continuing Education

Staying on top of real estate laws and regulations is important to maintain your license and help you become a better agent. You should also look into general business classes, such as those in marketing and communications, or ones tailored toward small business owners. According to Lead Agent, it’s important to do your research when deciding which course works best for you when renewing your real estate license. Take into consideration all your options, including online options. In many cases, the cost of tuition, materials, and books can be written off as a business expense if you itemize your tax returns.

Be the Leading Real Estate Agent in Your Area: Your Online Presence

For hot listings, consider purchasing targeted social media ads through The Marketing Heaven and also run remarketing campaigns for visitors to your website or past listings. In addition to these paid tactics, you also don’t want to ignore the free tools and resources available on various platforms. One tactic is to build your own community Facebook group, where you post more than just listings.  According to Post Planner, you can build your following by posting important and interesting community information, such as important current events, upcoming sales or promotions at local businesses. Some in-person event ideas include clothing swaps; wine and cheese parties; and community fundraisers, like school car washes and the like. This works very well especially if you’ve sold many houses in a specific neighborhood or region. Encourage other members to share information as well, and ensure you’re actively supporting group discussions, providing valuable input and keeping up with the latest trends.

Be the Leading Real Estate Agent in Your Area: Your Community Presence

Get involved in your local community to not only build positive brand awareness of your business but to also become a trusted community influencer. Find ways to volunteer; sponsor local sporting events, like high school football or Little League; or, as Print Place suggests, engage in some cause marketing tactics to help get you noticed. It’s one thing to be an agent in the community and another thing to be an agent who is actively involved in the community beyond just listings and sales.

In order to become a top-performing agent in your local area, it’s important to take a multidimensional approach. Continue your education to maintain your license, and also take classes on becoming a better business owner. Get involved in your local community, and also build an online presence.

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