5 Vital Skills for Selling Your Home Faster

Selling Your Home Faster

Once your home has been listed on the market, it becomes a waiting game for it to be spotted by an interested buyer. While you wait, however, there are several steps you and your agent can take to reduce the number of days your home is on the market. The number of days your home is on the market is an influential factor on the ending buy price. A house that has been on the market for six months may only sell for roughly 83% of the original asking price. As a seller, you’ll want to do all you can to complete the sale as quickly as possible.

Selling Your Home Faster: Clean and Declutter 

One of the first things you can do is to clean and declutter your house before any photos are taken and the potential buyers show up. Buyers want to see the potential of the house, but personal items and cluttered shelves can be distracting. Here are several ways to make your house more attractive:

  • Front Yard and Entryway: Your primary focus should be to make the front yard and entryway look as welcoming as possible.
  • Closets and Cabinets: You want to show the buyer that the house has plenty of space to fit all their needs. This can be accomplished by emptying out as much of your belongings from closets and cabinets as possible. 
  • Living Room and Kitchen: The most frequently toured areas are the living room and kitchen. You’ll want to try to remove any oil and water stains from the appliances and countertops.

Selling Your Home Faster: Property Photography 

When it is time to take property photographs, make sure you invest in high-quality photos. Quality photos are an essential element of your property listing. Listings with photos receive 35% more clicks. Quality photos create a good first impression that the house received the same quality of care. Stage the living areas, curating and staging your rooms before taking photos to help buyers visualize how the rooms can be used. Use a tripod, a tripod will help stabilize the photo and improve image quality and sharpness.

Selling Your Home Faster: Depersonalize the House 

When you and your agent list your house on the market, one of the things you’ll want to do is depersonalize your home. This might mean packing away politically charged magazines, embarrassing photos hanging on the wall, and the cracked set of coffee mugs that have been with you since you moved in. When buyers visit for a house tour, they want to envision if they can live in the house, but it can be difficult if your knick-knacks are in the way.

Research Prices of Other Properties in the Neighborhood 

Your initial asking price can often make or break your listing. If you price it too high, it can be beyond the range of buyer’s price filter. If you price it too low, buyers will often question what is wrong with your house. The best way to get around this is to work with your agent and research the property prices of other houses in your neighborhood.

Selling Your Home Faster: Spread the Word 

If you are in a hurry to sell and are willing to be proactive, you can also engage in a little advertising campaign yourself. Tell your neighbors and friends that you are selling your house and the things you love about the house. Use social media to help spread the word about your property. Sometimes you can tell the history of your house better than an agent.

Selling your home is a time-sensitive activity, with the buying price lowering for every month that it does not sell. With all the activities you needed to do to list your house, to begin with, why not make the effort to see that you receive the highest selling price possible?

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