First time home buyers tips

first time home buyers tips

First time home buyers tips: Set a Budget

Exactly How Much Can You Afford?– This isn’t just a discussion between you and your partner after reviewing your bank records. This is an actual evaluation done by a financial professional. Whether you are working with your bank, or a mortgage company, you should do therefore before you start your house hunt. Knowing exactly what amount of mortgage you can qualify for, is the ideal place to start. These professionals will not only inform you of what amount of mortgage you will qualify for, they will also be in a position to educate you on kinds of loans and mortgages, and what may best meet your individual needs. A pre-approved mortgage will allow you to begin your house hunt knowing exactly your price range.

First time home buyers tips: Figure out what you are here to do.

What Must This First Home Have?– Once you have determined what you can pay for a house, you should write a list of priorities. If you are buying the home as a couple, this is a task you should both complete. Break your list up into two sections. Really Need or Really Want. Always try to keep in mind that there are some things you can change in a house and some things you can’t. Location is one thing you should consider at the very top of your list. Once you purchase a home you can’t relocate it. However, the countertop, deck, and appliances can always be upgraded when finances allow. So really put some thought into this task. Keeping your priorities straight will keep you on track.

First time home buyers tips: Assemble your team.

Which Real Estate Professional Should I Use?– There will be plenty to select from so do your research. For certain you will want someone with experience and an agent who knows the neighborhoods and community. A complete time agent will be available to you at opportunities convenient to your schedule. Research and review their marketing strategies, and online presence. Realtors that are active online are also likely to remain up to date on current trends in the industry. When you are hiring any professional, you should ask questions to ensure that they are actually a match for you and your partner. So after you have completed your “Need as well as Want” list, compose down some questions based on that you desire to ask your real estate agent for their input. As always factor in on the location that best suits your life.

Where to Begin along with the Residence Hunt?– Right now which you have your pre-approved mortgage and your real estate salesperson, you’re ready to get started. There will be other professionals (lawyers, home inspectors) to work with throughout the process, and an experienced agent can give you some direction in sorting that out. Many individuals hunt for homes online, and others leave finding the perfect first-time home totally up to their real estate professional. A combination of both works too. Now the fun begins! When you are starting the house hunt, take along your Needs & Wants lists.

Thinking of buying? We would love to sit down and discuss your options.

 Steelbridge Realty LLC  is a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage that utilizes cutting-edge marketing techniques and data-driven Real Estate solutions in today’s ever-changing environment. Our group of professionals have decades of experience and have navigated through many business cycles. Our diverse background gives us the tools to guide people towards successful decisions.

During the beginning of the housing downturn, Steelbridge Realty LLC was the Brokerage arm of several private equity entities. We assisted them with asset modeling and market metrics. Many prominent local commercial projects were included in this scope of transactions. in 2012 Jeff and Cristina bought the other partner out and relocated the company to North Fort Myers. It now serves as a boutique style firm to cater to its clients and the community at large.

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