What is a Listing Agent?

What is a Listing Agent

What is a Listing Agent? A listing agent is a real estate broker that markets the seller’s property. They work to market your home to the highest number of people. As well, they facilitate and boost the chances of a real estate sale. Listing agents use some combination of the MLS, online portals, print, broadcast, and online media to expose a property to the public and real estate agents. The most significant task for a listing agent is communication, among other duties.

What is a Listing Agent: Pricing.

A listing agent earns commission for their brokerage services. They make their money not only by helping to market your home but also by helping you price it. The point is, a seller can never really know the actual value of their home. Pricing it too low may mean losses while rating it too high may scare away potential buyers. That is where an excellent listing agent steps in to help.

The listing agent will study and analyze the prices of similar homes in your area to determine what price range best suits your property. A listing agent pays the selling agent brokerage fee if he or she brings a buyer that results in a sale.

What is a Listing Agent: Marketing.

A listing agent uses various channels to market a home to agents and potential buyers. They enter the property into MLS and put up the for sale sign in the yard. Also, listing agents use affordable media such as print and internet for marketing your property. They can also organize a realtor open house; listing agents will take that opportunity to answer questions buying agents might have about your home.

Also, listing agents can also provide you with counsel on practical ways to market and showcase a house for sale.

What is a Listing Agent: Staging.

Home staging can make or break a deal for any property. Listing agents have a responsibility to help in staging the house for a quicker and better sale. Some of their recommendations may include repairs, remodeling, and rearrangement of furniture. A listing agent should bring in a professional photographer or take professional quality pictures (not cell phone) to capture the best features of your home for marketing. A nicely staged home can command a higher asking price.

What is a Listing Agent: Negotiating offers with the seller.

If a home gets many offers, the agent will present all the offers to the seller and advise them on what price to accept. If a contract is accepted, the agents will be responsible for coordinating inspections, negotiating inspection and appraisal and maintaining communication between the agents for a seamless property close.

Listing agents may also suggest to the seller to contact an attorney for an estimate of closing costs. You can get More hints here. During the closing process, the listing agent works closely with the selling agent for a smooth closing.

If you choose to work with a listing agent, you enter into a legally binding contract that holds you and the agent accountable for specific terms and conditions. Commission rates for listing agents differ, and they may or may not accept your offer. Despite the importance of a listing agent during a real estate sale, the seller has the final say on all matters about his or her home.

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