Bank Owned Homes Lee County Fl 2016

bank owned homes lee county fl

Bank Owned Homes Lee County Fl in 2016

I (Jeff Tumbarello, Broker/Owner of Steelbridge Realty LLC) publish a Monthly Report thru the SWFL REIA (South West Florida Real Estate Investment Association) about the previous months foreclosure trends.

Here is the link for the recent December 2015 Lee County Florida Foreclosure Trend Report

The key to any knowledge is taking action. Also, how do these trends affect your home search?

As season starts we have a very low number of bank owned homes hitting the market.

dec 2015 ct





Certificates of Title:

—December 2015: 92 Certificates of Title were conveyed

—November 2015: 167 Certificates of Title were conveyed

—December 2014: 452 Certificates of Title were conveyed

That is a significant reduction from the previous year!

Bear in mind, not all 92 of those Certificates of title will be listed in the MLS. Some were bought by investors at the auction.

The market of 2016 for Bank Owned Homes Lee County Fl does not resemble the market of 2014, much alone the heydays of the distressed market(2009 thru 2011). So how does a buyer obtain value in today’s market? We are finding that NBI (Not Bank Infested or Traditional Sales) are a better “buy” than most bank owned. They are trading at a slightly higher price but will require a lot less investment after the sale. Many times when you buy a bank owned home, you are buying many years worth of deferred maintenance.

The key to any real estate purchase whether it is a traditional sale or Bank Owned Homes Lee County Fl is to determine what you are there to do as well. I have personally bought a really “good deal” of a home, that turned out to not work for my day to day life. We would be happy to sit with you and help guide you on this important question.

Helping you buy, sell and lease.

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