342 LANTERN LN, Mobile Manor North Fort Myers Fl Has Sold!

342 LANTERN LN, Mobile Manor North Fort Myers Fl Sold by Steelbridge Realty LLC!

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The home sold at the full list price! The list price was $22,900. This was a cash transaction

If you are thinking of buying or selling call 239 694 3300. Lets Talk!

Below are the active listings in Mobile Manor North Fort Myers

Mobile Manor was once, a Twenty-acre field furnishing pasture for a herd of Black Angus cattle when Dick and Lee Barnhart came to North Fort Myers looking for land to develop into a mobile home park. It was a heavily wooded area with a stream of fresh water running through it. The purchase was made in 1957, but it was not until March 1962 that the office was opened. By 1965 there were 100 mobile homes located here, making it necessary to add to the first 20 acres, so that the park might expand. Twenty-eight acres were bought to bring the area up to its present size. Expansion followed quickly and 315 homes are now in the park.
In developing the park, street names became necessary. The theme “light” was carried out in choosing these names. Thus the names Flame, Fireball, Gaslight, Lantern, Torch, etc., were used.
The clubhouse was a residence and later a section was added to make it its present size. The oldest organized group to make use of this building was the Hobby Club. It met December 22nd, 1962 for the first time. Another of the older activities was the Bible Study Class. Today it is known as Ladies Bible Study and meets every Monday. Other activities included Bingo, Shuffling, Bridge, and Card Playing. Most of these activities continue to exist today and newer groups have since evolved.
Of course, we have our monthly potlucks, bazaars, Christmas caroling, spring and fall luncheons for the ladies, cookouts, library, and planned trips for all of us to enjoy.
The Barnharts sold the park to Marion Gaylor in the latter part of 1975. Less than a year later it was again sold to Bill and Peggy Bishop. In January 1983, some of the residents bought Mobile Manor and Henry Ness became the manager.


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