Southwest Florida Real Estate Market Trends

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The bubbles of activity within southwest florida real estate market trends.

Southwest Florida Real Estate market trends
The chart above shows the bubbles of activity within the market. These bubble charts are some of the most usefull information to us for Southwest Florida Real Estate Market Trends. They show demand within price points. From 2013 to 2014, the bubble keeps moving to the right.


Southwest Florida Real Estate Market Trends

From 2014 to 2015, the trend of the main focus on the market keeps moving to the right of the chart. This shows rising prices.

Southwest Florida Real Estate Market Trends

Some perspective:

  • —We operate in a seasonal and cyclical market
  • —The seasonality is determined by our weather
  • —Prices go up when it is cooler, prices go down when it is hot.
  • —The cyclical part is governed by demographics.
  • —We are a primarily retiree driven market.
  • —The bubbles of activity are moving to the right of the chart. That shows rising prices.
  • The lack of money in motion under of 100K is being replaced by the 500K market.

Supplying new inventory is one of the markets biggest challenges/opportunities. New contruction is starting to fill the void left by the distressed market.

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